Spring is in the Air!



is most definitely in the air here today at Sewnaway Towers and its a lovely day to get the washing on the line….. which reminded me of a project from last spring, that i’ve never got round to sharing….

This was a little bit of something different, and you know how I like a project that’s a little out of the ordinary! The brief was to create custom designed bunting for a household store called Bright Ideas over in Yorkshire. ¬†This was to be for their ‘Spring Clean’ Promotion, and was to include ‘washing line’ bunting in a selection of bright colours!

It started off on paper, looking a little bit like this-


And soon became this-

818 815

I loved how these little T-shirts and Tops were coming together!

820The finished product ended up like this-


072 (2) 074

And here is how it looked on display in Bright Idea’s window:

photo (9)


‘Camo’ Memory Cushion and a special offer.


245Been wanting to share this for a little while now, its another memory cushion with a difference and I do very much like it when a commission comes through that’s a little bit out of the ordinary! So when we were asked to make a cushion from old army badges we jumped at the chance, although when they first arrived I must admit I was a little unsure as to how they would come together, being that these were just the badges, with very little fabric unlike the full garments we usually receive! Luckily a plan quickly formed into the camouflage style, perfectly keeping in line with the army theme. This makes a great reminder of all those tours of duty, and reminded me of the hard work those guys do to keep us safe ūüėČ

On that note, and as its grey and gloomy January, we are offering 10% off all memory cushion orders placed by next weekend!


What memories were made of in 2014!


Happy new year folks, here’s to a happy and prosperous one for all!

With the new year, we’ve been looking back over the last year in memory cushions…. these are one of my very favourite things to make- each one is so different, they all have their own personalities!

Here are the memory cushions of 2014! Its a pleasure to share them with you…

2014 memorycover

And in a little more detail- In no particuar order-

Bridie- loves Peppa Pig!

bridie (2) bridie

Bridget, Nimah & Orla- A cushion for 3 sisters, which if you follow the blog you may have seen before….

bridget (2)bridget

Ethan- Born in 2013! Like a lot of our cushions, this was a first birthday gift.

ethanethan (2)

Harry- For a football mad lad!

harry (2)harry

Jake- A princely theme for this young man, born the same week as royalty!

jakejake (2)

Reuben-I loved the grey theme of this cushion!

reuben (2)reuben

Scarlet- The lasts of our girls cushions. Pretty in pastels.

scarlet (2)scarlet

And finally….

Theo-with a flying theme!

theo (2)theo

A memory cushion with a difference….


We’ve got a little behind with posting the photos of some of our latest memory cushions, so in an effort to get up to date, and to get back on the blog (we’ve been a bit slack recently, I’ll admit) we’ll be sharing some of our loveliest creations to coincide with #throwbackthursday over the next few weeks, cos there’s no better throwback than a memory cushion (or canvas!)

Today’s is a little something different…. all our previous memory cushion have been made from baby clothes, for parents to remember the days when their little ones were teeny tiny bundles of joy. This one however was made in remembrance of a beloved, and much missed mum and dad. We were honoured, as ever, to be entrusted with such a special project, and it was lovely to hear the stories behind the items…. I hope we did it justice, have a look at the photo’s and judge for yourselves….


Front side with a bow- made from a beautiful chiffon scarf, worn at one of the last family occasions.


As the items for this memory cushion we a little larger than our usual baby clothes, there was plenty of fabric to make this a double-sided cushion the opening made from the fastening of a favourite blouse.


Trim from a smaller cushion, originally made to commemorate the wedding day of Glad and Doug, who were married at the end of the war- 9/12/1945. A much-loved mum and dad, whose memory will now live on for a little bit longer, and we were so happy to feel that we helped make it happen.


And finally Master Stitch McThimble with 2 of our Lavender bags that were posted along with the cushion…..

Our Birthday Giveaway-Name our bear!



So here is our sewnaway birthday giveaway!

You’re probably all familiar now with our little bear, who features¬†in many of our photo’s of¬†our finished products. He was one of the very first things I bought, before the birth of my baby girl 5 whole years ago, I always rather liked his little face, so when sewnaway began, he came along for the ride! After all those years, he’s STILL not got a name…… So I think its about time he had one…..


Your choice of Memory cushion or canvas, to the value of £34.99. This is our standard price for a 40x40cm cushion cover. You can choose to upgrade to a larger size or canvas by paying the difference. If you would like a price for another size or a canvas, please contact us. Please ensure you read the below rules before entering.


Please read all the information, then comment below this post with your suggesteted name! This will count as your entry into the competition but, you can also  enter via the rafflecopter link here: a Rafflecopter giveaway , This also gives you additional entries and you can come back to gain additional entries throughout the month!

You can also enter by ‘liking’ AND commenting with your suggested name¬†on the post pinned to the top of our facebook . This will also count as¬†an entry into the competition but, you must also enter via¬†the rafflecopter link, as this requires your email address so we can contact the winner ūüėČ Again this also gives you additional entries and you can come back to gain additional entries throughout the month.We are not allowed to ask you to ‘share’ but should you choose to do so, this is VERY much appreciated:-)

THE RULES (the boring bits, please read them tho, its important):

The winner will be picked at random from all the entries. Our decision will be final.

The winner must be able to provide a selection of items from which to make your cushion or canvas, these can be baby clothes or other items. For a 40x40cm cushion we recommend approx 6-10 items of baby clothing. You are responsible for sending the items & choosing the appropriate level of postage, as we cannot be responsible for you items before they reach us.

Any amount spent over the value of £34.99 can be paid by PayPal or bank transfer.

Return Postage is NOT included. We always post by special delivery and the cost for this on a 40x40cm cushion is £7 and will be payable by the winners by PayPal or bank transfer. You should note that if you choose a canvas or larger size cushion, this may incur additional postage charges.

You are welcome to collect from WN7 free of charge.

Please note that cushion inners are NOT included, due to postage costs, but we can advise on where these can be bought (typically under £3 for 40x40cm)

There is no actual cash value, but should you choose to give your prize as a gift, we can provide a voucher for one memory item to the value of £34.99

Items ordered using the prize will be placed in the first available sewing slot, which will be advised on receipt of your items.

The competition will run until midnight on 31st March, giving you all plenty of time to enter! The winner will be announced as soon as they have been notified by email!

And finally (blimey wasn’t that a lot of old ramble, hope you got it all!)… This competition is not endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook.

Good luck!

These are OUR memories!


Now, as we’ve being making these lovely, lovely memory cushions for a couple of years now, we came to thinking it was about time we did something for us! And much as we like the memory cushions and blankets, we wanted something a little different!

So as our little man approached his second birthday, and left his baby years¬†behind, we felt the time was right to clear out the loft and make a fitting tribute to remember some of his lovely first moments. That’s a few months ago now, as what with one thing and another this project has taken a while to complete, but finally its finished and to co-incide with the second birthday of sewnaway (our other baby!) we are ready to share it with the world…..

094And here it is! We decided on a 50x50cm canvas, as we wanted something a little different, as well a something we could see hanging, and remember our little man in all his fresh, newborn teeny tininess, every single day! And as this one is ours, we’d love to share these moments with you…..

oscar1Here we have used one of his ‘tiny baby’ sized vests, which you can see him wearing on the right. These didn’t fit for long, but being a few weeks early¬†he was such a little dot at the start, and even these swamped him at first! I wanted to include this, because I wanted a reminder of exactly how small he was, because, as¬†all of you out their with babies of your own will know, ¬†it’s so easily forgotten how small they were to begin with! On the left is one of my favourite of his little newborn outfits, this one just had to make the cut!

oscar6Here we have used the green roll neck, sent over from france by his French cousins, loved this with his little knit cardi and bobble hat (he won’t thank me for that in future years I’m sure, haha!) and his very first jeans, there’s no way we could miss those is there?!

oscar5A bit special this, I LOVED this little t-shirt, from big sister Orla ūüôā

oscar4Another¬†favourite piece, handknitted helment made by grandma (so that’s where the creative gene comes from) ūüėČ and on the right, one of his little baby grows, the blue in this one fits the colour scheme of our canvas perfectly….

oscar3Ah, now this one….. on the left is the ‘my mummy does’ bib, this was a freebie from the lovely people at the Breastfeeding Network, and that was something that was quite a journey for us, we couldn’t have done it without their support¬†(but that’s a whole other story) so¬†we felt it¬†only fitting that this made the cut, plus it did fit the colour scheme rather nicely….doesn’t it look huge in the top picture though! On the right is the little monster suit, another one of my favourites, LOVED those monster feet, and another one that literally drowned him the first time he wore it!!

Last one now, another one of his little baby grows, and his first little pair of baby shoes! I always thinks baby shoes are kinda daft when they can’t even walk, but I was super pleased to find a pair that didn’t fall off all the time,¬†and they would get cold feet without, right?!¬†Plus as every woman knows, a good pair of shoes always completes an outfit…..or a wall canvas?

128With that, here is the finished article again, hanging, pride of place over our sofa…. And not forgetting the little man himself, not quite so¬†small anymore, but still love his little bones, even when he’s up to his usual mischievous self……say CHEEEEEESE!

A little bit of magic…..


I always knew there was a little bit of magic in these memory cushions, and the story behind this one just goes to prove it!

This particular project came from a very good friend of ours. When she her baby girl last spring, she was loaned a stash of baby clothes from her sister, who has 3 girls of her own.

When the first sizes had been outgrown, we were asked to make one of our cushions, as a thank you for the loan!

So, it started, as they all do, a little bit like this, from a random stash of baby clothes:


It’s at this stage, I often wonder: ‘Where on earth do I start??’ but once the first piece is in place, they just seem to come together, ‘as if by magic’ in fact! And this one was no different…




And with the 3 girls names added, it was finished…..


And now for the best bit…..

It was only recently I was told, that out of the full stash of baby clothes, between myself and my friend, and without knowing it, we had manage to select and use a babygro belonging to each of the 3 girls….

Now that’s what I call a little bit of magic ūüėČ