A little bit of magic…..


I always knew there was a little bit of magic in these memory cushions, and the story behind this one just goes to prove it!

This particular project came from a very good friend of ours. When she her baby girl last spring, she was loaned a stash of baby clothes from her sister, who has 3 girls of her own.

When the first sizes had been outgrown, we were asked to make one of our cushions, as a thank you for the loan!

So, it started, as they all do, a little bit like this, from a random stash of baby clothes:


It’s at this stage, I often wonder: ‘Where on earth do I start??’ but once the first piece is in place, they just seem to come together, ‘as if by magic’ in fact! And this one was no different…




And with the 3 girls names added, it was finished…..


And now for the best bit…..

It was only recently I was told, that out of the full stash of baby clothes, between myself and my friend, and without knowing it, we had manage to select and use a babygro belonging to each of the 3 girls….

Now that’s what I call a little bit of magic 😉


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