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Spring is in the Air!



is most definitely in the air here today at Sewnaway Towers and its a lovely day to get the washing on the line….. which reminded me of a project from last spring, that i’ve never got round to sharing….

This was a little bit of something different, and you know how I like a project that’s a little out of the ordinary! The brief was to create custom designed bunting for a household store called Bright Ideas over in Yorkshire. ┬áThis was to be for their ‘Spring Clean’ Promotion, and was to include ‘washing line’ bunting in a selection of bright colours!

It started off on paper, looking a little bit like this-


And soon became this-

818 815

I loved how these little T-shirts and Tops were coming together!

820The finished product ended up like this-


072 (2) 074

And here is how it looked on display in Bright Idea’s window:

photo (9)