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A memory cushion with a difference….


We’ve got a little behind with posting the photos of some of our latest memory cushions, so in an effort to get up to date, and to get back on the blog (we’ve been a bit slack recently, I’ll admit) we’ll be sharing some of our loveliest creations to coincide with #throwbackthursday over the next few weeks, cos there’s no better throwback than a memory cushion (or canvas!)

Today’s is a little something different…. all our previous memory cushion have been made from baby clothes, for parents to remember the days when their little ones were teeny tiny bundles of joy. This one however was made in remembrance of a beloved, and much missed mum and dad. We were honoured, as ever, to be entrusted with such a special project, and it was lovely to hear the stories behind the items…. I hope we did it justice, have a look at the photo’s and judge for yourselves….


Front side with a bow- made from a beautiful chiffon scarf, worn at one of the last family occasions.


As the items for this memory cushion we a little larger than our usual baby clothes, there was plenty of fabric to make this a double-sided cushion the opening made from the fastening of a favourite blouse.


Trim from a smaller cushion, originally made to commemorate the wedding day of Glad and Doug, who were married at the end of the war- 9/12/1945. A much-loved mum and dad, whose memory will now live on for a little bit longer, and we were so happy to feel that we helped make it happen.


And finally Master Stitch McThimble with 2 of our Lavender bags that were posted along with the cushion…..