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Happy New Year!



Happy New Year! Hope its been a good one 🙂

We’d just like to thank everyone who has ordered over the last year, as well as everyone who has taken the time to like and comment on our page and website, it makes it all worthwhile! We’ve been looking back over the last year and here is a Top 5 of our favourites:

No 5: The first of our little Bunnies, still love how this one turned out! Now thinking about what other animals we could develop for 2014…..

No 4: Pantone Cushions. A bit of a departure for the norm, and quite a challenge to find fabrics that we ‘just right’…..

No 3: Boxed Vest & Bib. We’ve done so many of these this year, its seems fitting that the original & first makes it onto the list! And its one for the boys….

No 2: Christmas stocking family. This was our first foray into the world of Christmas, and we were rather pleased with how these turned out. Love em’

No 1: It could only be this, our biggest project to date, Olivia’s memory blanket & cushion. This took forever, but we loved every minute, and what a honour to be asked to make something from so many treasured items of baby clothing!

And with that its on to 2014, I wonder what this year will hold????

THANK YOU once again to you all!