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Percy is ready to fly the nest- Sewnaway’s first giveaway!


If you’ve been following our blog, you will already have met our little flock, if not, you can find out all about them here.

We now only have one of our baby owls left without a home, and we need some help to find him one!

This is Percy, he’s a little bit lost without his twin sister, Sarah, so we have decided to find someone to love him in our very first sewnaway giveaway!


To enter, follow the link below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The competition will be open until midnight on Sunday the 28th July. Winner will be announced on Monday the 29th.

Good Luck and please share the Sewnaway love!




Meet the Flock!


Well its been a while since our last post, so we’ve decided its about time we got back into the blog and kept you up to date with the latest goings on here at Sewnaway towers!

Since we made one of these little fellows for Miss Olivia, to go with her memory blanket & cushion, its been all about the little owls. Olivia’s baby generated so much interest, we decided they deserved a bit more attention. So we’re dedicating our latest post to them & taking the opportunity to introduce you to the latest members of our flock, before they are ready to fly the nest!

And here they are, a little family of 4:


The first baby is already named she is Nancy (aka little bird). This one is made as a personal gift, made by special request for a certain little miss Nancy’s 2nd birthday, after she saw Olivia’s baby owl & wanted one for herself! As Nancy is my neice I have to admit, she does get a bit of special sewnaway treatment! Here she is, enjoying the flowers in our garden….


Our next 3 babies are yet to be personalised, so for now, we’ve decided to name them after the little birds in one of our favourite bedtime stories: Owl Babies!


First up are our twins, Sarah & Percy (I know, Percy isn’t a very girlie name for a pink owl, but we’ll have to blame the authors of the book for that!) Here they are just sittin’ in the trees, enjoying a lovely summers evening in the garden!


Our brown eyed girl (on the right) is Sarah, she’s already sold, but is waiting patiently for a new arrival so she can be personalised!

On the left is Percy, who is going to be a prize in our first ever giveaway, which will be coming soon. This is something we’ve been planning to do for a while now, and we’re looking forward to it, so keep your eyes peeled!

Our final introduction is for our wee baby, little Bill:


Now young Bill is a very special little man, he’s the baby of the bunch, as those who have read the book will know, but for us he has a very important job! He is off to help raise funds for Katie’s Breathe Life Appeal. Katie is a beautiful, full of life young lady who suffers from Cystic Fybrosis and is raising funds for treatment which is expensive and cannot unfortunately be provided by the NHS. You can read more information about Katie & her appeal on Katie’s facebook page. We know that we are truly blessed here at Sewnaway to have 2 happy, healthy babies and hope that Bill will help Katie towards her goal, and make life much easier for her & her Mummy & Daddy!