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The Memory Blanket Story: A final look!


So here it is, at last, the final part of our memory blanket story!!

We won’t say much this time, better to leave the pictures to do the talking.

Except to say, we’ve totted up and were surprised to find that in the blanket, matching cushion AND the little matching owl which formed this order, we have only used 13 items  4 babygros, 4 vests, 2 sleepbags, 2 dungarees & 1 mummy sized nightie. I thought it would have been much more, and there is still a big bag of clothes to be returned to the owner!

Finally, thanks to all who have followed our little story, I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed sharing it!

If you want to catch up with the rest of the story you can find the previous parts here: P1, P2, P3, P4



















The Memory Blanket Story: Part 4


Good Evening Blanket lovers & welcome to part 4 of our memory blanket story. Not long to go now, sniff! I’m really starting to enjoy this blogging malarky, think I’m going to have to find something new to ramble on about when this is all over!

If you’ve missed the previous instalments you can catch up here(part1), here(part2) and here(part3)

When we last left you we had finally finished the rather mammoth task of stitching the blanket patchwork together….. so now that’s done, the next thing is to add the personalisation details.


First we print a paper template to follow, and select fabrics for the name. Sewing the name is a wee bit fidly and as I don’t want the fabrics to stretch I am adding some iron on interfacing to the back. This makes the fabrics more sable and sewing will be much easier! Then I can pin on the template & cut out the names…..


Next is to position & pin the letters into place on the blanket…..


And with that we’re ready for sewing again!



Almost done!

Once the name is added, we need to add a backing fabric. It took a while to decide what this should be, and we considered a few options.

Should we use fleece….or would this be too heavy?

How about a flanalette cotton? Or would this be to thin?

Should we add padding?? Eeek! Decisions, decisions….

In the end we settled on a pretty pink fleece fabric:


Next job is to lay out the blanket & fleece and pin together…..


Finally, we stitch the whole lot together, leaving a hole at the bottom to turn through the right way (at the moment its inside out after being stitched together!)

Once being turned round the right way, we give the whole lot a good iron….


Finally, we handstitch the final hole at the bottom, trim any threads and add Olivia’s birthdate. We do this with a 3d fabric paint, as we like the handwritten effect we can get when we use this directly from the tube.


Once the paint has dried, she’s finally finished and we are really pleased with the result!

The final stage is to take photos for the website, and that is proving to be a challenge in itself! The blanket is so much bigger than our other products it’s going to be hard to make sure we capture all the detail in a fun & interesting way!! While we think about that, here’s a photo of the finished product to keep you going until our final post, which will be a closer look at the finished product….. See you all soon 🙂


The Memory Blanket Story: Part 3


Hello again to all of you following the story of our memory blanket!

For those of you who have only just joined the fun, you can catch up with part 1 here and part 2 here.

When we left you last, the blanket was pinned together and ready to begin the sewing!

Luckily for us, on a lovely sunny Saturday, Mr S offered to take the small people out for the afternoon. Not wanting to miss out on the sunshine, we decided to bring the sewing machine downstairs and onto the kitchen table (the kitchen being the brightest room in the house and also containing the kettle of course!) 

So, with an unnervingly quiet house, sewing begins…..and as you can see, sewing at the kitchen table was a good move, as it gave us plenty of space to spread out. Not sure my little sewing table would have quite done the job here!


When stitching the patchwork, we have to take extra care as the fabrics are so stretchy, if we aren’t careful, they can easily get overstretched and leave tucks and puckers in the patches. To help avoid this find it’s best to pin each piece really well and take it slowly!


So glad we moved downstairs, it’s lovely to get the sun filtering in as we work on the pinning!


Another problem with working on a piece this size is manoeuvering around while sewing, it takes quite a bit of squishing to get it through the hole in the middle of the sewing machine….


And on we sew….


Eventually after a good few hours glued to the sewing machine, one broken needle & numerous pinpricks, we are stitching the final piece. Just in time for tea and the return of Mr S and the small ones, who have had a lovely afternoon in grandmas garden!


Stitching done and kids in bed, its time to get the blanket ironed. It needs a really good steam press to get the fabrics back into shape after any stretching in sewing. Once neatly pressed, we trim the threads along with any frayed edges, and we are done- for tonight!

Now that’s finished, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Theres not too much left to do, next we will add the personalisation & a backing fabric, but more on that in part 4 (which will sadly be our last in the series, although we are so looking forward to sharing the final product with you!)…..

Coming soon! xx