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The Memory Blanket Story: Part 2


It’s been a little while since part one of our Memory Blanket Story, if you missed the first installment, you can catch up here.

So after much deliberation, we settled on a piece to start the chopping. Here it is after the chop, it was a little denim dungaree in a former life and a good place to start as it has several different elements that could be used in different areas throughout the blanket.


Well now we’ve made a start we are on a roooooolllllllllll!  

Here we are picking out the pieces we’re planning to use, a colour theme is starting to appear in the form of pinks (of course!) with grey and highlights of denim & grey. I’ve got a feeling this is going to look nice! As the memory blanket is so much bigger than the cushions, its lucky that we have been provided with some larger pieces of clothing, including sleeping bags & even mummy’s hospital nightie! This is making it much easier for us to get all the patches we need for an item this size (which, in case you are wondering is 90x110cm, ideal size for a cotbed)


With a bit more chopping & pinning, things are starting to come together! Its a bit of a slow process,  as we like to make sure that each area of the blanket will have a little detail and that the colours are evenly spread….its no good getting to the far corner, only to find all the pink is at one end! If you look carefully, you will also spot the base of the memory cushion, which will go with the blanket. We put this together first to use as a guide for the blanket, and kept it to one side as we went along to keep our little theme in mind….

Photo 01-04-2013 22 00 04

So after much deliberation, chopping, repositioning &  fair few pin-pricks, the layout is finally done, dusted and pinned into place….. phew!


Next stage is the sewing, but we’ll be back with that in Part 3…..See you soon 🙂



Lucylovesya features Elsyes Canvas-Yay!


Here at Sewnaway, we’ve been following the fabulous lucylovesya on twitter for a good while now, and she also has a super blog full of crafty insipration (AND a sewing room to be jealous of!) So when we saw the call for her montly inspiration challenge, we got a little bit excited….This months theme was  ‘Matroyshka March’!  The aim of the game (as it were) is to take one photo (this month the Matroyshka dolls) mull over, and come back with a crafty make, inspired by the original theme. What better for us than Elsyes new memory canvas, it fits the bill perfectly….so we fired off the pics and waited patiently. On the first of April, Lucy revealed her latest post and we were super excited to see we had got ourselves a wee mention! You can have a look at the full post here:   check out  the other items, its good to see how different people have interpreted the same theme….I have to say, our personal favorite is the cowboy hotwater bottle cover, love the way you can add or change the faces…..superb!