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Introducting our new Baby Vest Canvasses!


Here are sewnaway towers, we are delighted to introduce our new Baby Vest Canvasses!

Now we know you all love our memory cushions, but we also know that some of you hate the idea of chopping into your babies treasured first clothes. We also go to thinking how quickly you forget how small your precious newborn once was, and how nice it would be to have a permenant reminder of their teeny tininess. So the idea of the baby vest canvas was born.

We managed to cajole a couple of lovely mummies into providing us with a vest or 2 from their little angels, which was quite trusting, considering they didn’t quite know what they were going to be turned into!

So now a few weeks later, we are finally ready for the big reveal!

Hope you all like them, more photos and price details are available here:



The Memory Blanket Story-Part 1:


So you’ve probably already seen our  memory cushions, if not then check them out on the products tab. These of probably our very favourite product, as each one is made from a selection of treasured yet outgrown baby clothes, the end product is always so unique.


Following the sucsess of the memory cushions, we are about to embark on our latest project, a memory blanket, and would like to share the journey with you!

Firstly, we recieved 2 huge bags of clothes, from a very excited mummy. We always get a little bit giddy unpacking the clothes for the memory cushions, but this one was extra exciting, as there were sooooo many! The cushions usually need 8-12 pieces of clothing, but its always great to have a selection to pick from….for a blanket and a cushion though who knows how many we will need?? I’ll let you know the answer later, but needless to say, I think we will have plenty of lovely stuff to work with from this little lot:




So we have had a good root through all the lovely, teeny tiny items of clothing, got the backing fabric ready….now we are ready to strart the cutting….this is the slightly scary part, I always feel a little bit nervous wielding a pair of scissors over someones precious items, but it usually only takes a few chops before things start to come together! …just need to decide where to start now….

….this could take some time….


…to be continued….

Spring Special- Ready made bunting available now!



Spring Bunting #1 (above)


Spring Bunting #2 (above)

The sun has been out this weekend and we are starting to feel a little bit of a spring in our step here at sewnaway towers! We have had a spring clean and sorted our fabrics into a brand new set of labelled drawers (i’m sure its wrong to be this excited about plastic storage!!) So to celebrate we have 2 strings of ready made bunting available now. Pretty in pink & green florals, 12 flags over approx 3m length, priced at £9.99+ £3.50 recorded delivery.

Contact us now if you would like one, get it before its gone  😉